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Michael Whiteley is one of North America’s premier trainers. In addition to this he is an accomplished health expert and researcher with over 16 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine and orthomolecular therapy. Michael has worked alongside many of the top corporations, manufacturers, doctors, and practitioners within Canada and has exhibited his passion for helping individuals feel their best. Through his continued dedication, he has optimized the health of his clients, allowing them to maximize their physical performance, transforming their physiques, and helping them to reach their ideal state of health. Michael has become a well-recognized figure within the field of natural and alternative health through his company, Ultimate Fitness Development. Through this medium, he is able to showcase his energetic and unique approach within the health community. Currently, Michael conducts teleconference education and meets with clients at Morgan Chiropractic and Wellness. Michael is also a successful professional track athlete who has won various competitions and is currently training for next year’s Track and Field World Championships. 


The mission of protrainerlive is to educate how proper physical training, nutrition and integrative medicine can enhance physical and mental performance. As well as guiding as many people as we can through this transition to a more energetic, happier, performance based life.
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