This is simple data entry project. Everybody is welcome to join this project if you have some basic typing skill with good speed and accuracy. By doing this project you can make some extra cash. Hope everybody will enjoy this simple job. Yet $28000 has been paid to its workers. The payment department is honestly paying to its clients. Try to work specially at night time for better performance of the server.
This is  long term project and will run minimum next 3 years so try to keep in touch with this project to make some extra cash and if you wants to receive payment via freelancer.com account then you will get freelancer rating also which will help you to build up your career as a freelancer in freelancing sites.

Follow the steps to start work Now:

Step 1:
First download the software from given links:
Collect User ID/log-in from Me(Hope already you received a User ID via message at Odesk/freelancer")

Step 3:
Start work according to the instruction given below using some pictures:

Payment method:

Working Time:
24 hours you can work
For Asia :   5pm to 10am is the best time 
For other:  5am to 10pm is the best time 

40k=40000 entry for individual or for single user
100k=100000 entry for team’s

Weekly target: 10k=10000 entry
Here 1k=1000 correct entry


1.How to see my score/state of my work?
=>>Use this link to see your previous all score/state:

2.Is it case sensitive?
=>>No. It is not case sensitive so that you can use all small letters to type the images

3.When I will get my payment?
=>>After completing 10k=10000 entry your payment will be released

4.What do you mean by 345(45) ?
=>>Here red color is your wrong entry score and other is your total entry.

5.Why image /code is not coming?
=>>Try to work during 6pm to 10am then you will get the image/code available

6.Why my id’s color become Grey?
=>>If you do excessive wrong entry then your id’s color will be grey and it will be banned very soon.

7.Why my entry become 0 or not getting my old data?
=>>Server reset’s every week and start’s again from 0 but keeping all previous records so don’t worry just keep continue working.

8. How I will get my payment?
=>>I will pay you after 10k to your paypal or moneybookers  or odesk account.
contact me: nhiepphong34@yahoo.com to get your user ID

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